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  • 06/30/2013
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Mayo MD
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Base fee:
  • Tri for the Environment registration. Single entry.
  • Tri for the Environment Relay Team Entry

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2013 Details:

    Greetings from the Annapolis Triathlon Club, I hope you are as excited about the tri as we are!  The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) is allowing us to use their spectacular venue to introduce you to triathlon and an environmental jewel.


Registration is closed and we are happy to report that our event is full. Thank you everyone for participating, this is going to be a great race.


DIRECTIONS: SERC, 647 Contees Wharf Rd  Edgewater, Maryland 21037 (443) 482-2200


Directions to SERC


Parking is limited so carpooling is enthusiastically encouraged.  Consider meeting friends at South River High School (2 miles away) and carpooling to the SERC. After parking, go straight to Registration. 


REGISTRATION: Registration will open at 6:00am. You will get your bib number, bike sticker, and chip at the Registration tables in the SCHMIDT Building. The chip and Velcro strap should be placed on your ankle right away.  DO NOT LOSE IT -  Lost chip = $30 charge. NO CHIP – NO TIME

Bib numbers are to be placed on the front of the chest and visible at all times. Race belts make this VERY easy. Bike stickers should be placed on the bike seat post or frame near the seat post.

All Non-USAT Participants will be required to complete a USAT One Day Membership Waiver Forms.  This is what the extra $12 was for when you registered.  This is MANDATORY. As a USAT Sanctioned event, our insurance will be voided without full compliance - No one wants that to happen so take the extra two minutes to fill out the form.


Review the Course Maps.


Remember to give the chip to the volunteers after you cross the Finish line.


If you bring family or friends who would be available to volunteer; let us know.  After getting your bib, bike number and chip, you will walk or ride your bike to Transition - less than 1/2 mile. Plan for about 10 minutes to get there.


TRANSITION:  Bike racking is First Come First Served - there are no 'bad rack spots'.  Volunteers will assist with your transition set up - All are experienced triathletes.  Do not touch them as the 'Tri bug' will rub off on you. There will be PortAPots, Aid Station, and Restrooms at Transition.


SWIM:  The Swim area is about 30 yards from Transition but do not dally at your bike.  We expect to have FOUR WAVES - 2  Male and 2 Female.  It will be an IN WATER START.


First WAVE START TIME: 0800, then every 3 minutes. 

Water temps will be in the mid-70's. Wet suits will be allowed.

Ambient Air Temps will start in the mid-60's going to low-80's. The TRI GODS HAVE SPOKEN.


There will be a mandatory Pre-Race Meeting at 7:30am next to the Transition Area to go over all this again and to cover any last minute changes.


Water Quality will be tested on Thursday. Water quality tested at the SERC has been far better than other areas of the bay and is safe for swimming.  However, hard rains could impact water quality. The race organizers retain the right to cancel the swim for any reason impacting safety. 


Be sure to take appropriate precautions if you have any open cuts or scratches, as you would for any open water swimming.  If the swim has to be canceled, the event will revert to a Run-Bike-Run.


The swim is a 1/4 mile out and 1/4 mile back.  Kayakers will keep swimmers on line and motor craft will keep gawkers away. Swimmers will be allowed to hold onto kayaks to regain composure, if needed, but not moved forward.

SWIM EXIT will be up the boat ramp.


BIKE:  Two loops. This is NOT a high speed course. 

The route will take you out the access road you took to get to Transition, then on the road you came into the Center on (Conte Wharf Rd). Remember those bumpy sections?


A LEFT turn onto a wide shoulder for 1 1/2 mile, then a HARD LEFT.


This section has 3 SPEED BUMPS we were not able to remove - BE CAREFUL - DO NOT TAKE THEM AT SPEED.


There will be Volunteers and cones to warn of their approach.  At the end of this section is a 30 yard section of crushed gravel near the construction area. You are encouraged to walk your bike through this area but you may choose to ride cautiously.

Repeat the loop then turn left back to TRANSITION. Take your time and enjoy the flora and fauna.


TRAIL RUN:  3.1 miles of single track trail with a few roots, fewer hills, and great scenery. The course will be marked with colored ribbons and Volunteers will be at all intersections.  There will be a Water Station at about 1 1/2 miles.  There will also be opportunities to see runners going in the other direction.  At 3 miles the course crosses the Bike course.  There will be Volunteers ensuring a safe crossing - then a straight shot to the FINISH in front of the Schmidt Building where Registration was and where AWARDS will be held.  ABSOLUTELY NO LITTERING - ANYWHERE. Stick it in your shorts, if you have to.



POST RACE/DEPARTURE:  The Annapolis Triathlon Club will provide refreshments and snacks in the finishing area.  Also note that because a portion of the run course crosses over the road into the parking area, participants will not be allowed to depart the SERC until all racers have completed the course.  We do not anticipate this will be a problem.  If you finish near the top, you will still need to walk back to transition to collect your gear.  By the time you are packed up and ready to go, all participants should have completed the course and you will be on your way.

For questions or to volunteer, contact Ron Bowman at

Refunds are not available for the race due to advanced costs of the event.

SERC ecologists are committed to uncovering the mysteries of Chesapeake Bay and other coastlines around the globe and the 2,650-acre wooded campus acts as an outdoor museum. For more information about SERC, visit


Course Description:

Swim Course: (click image to see more detail)

Bike Course: (click image to see more detail)

Run Course: (click image to see more detail)

Transition Area: (click image to see more detail)


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