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Melina says:

I joined the Iron Crabs Triathlon club this fall after I registered for my first 1/2 Ironman.   I had completed sprint distances, but I knew I would need help with my next challenge.  I have been shown so much kindness from the members. They are more then willing to help a soft shell (newbie).  I have found a mentor, a swimming coach and have attended some of the seminars that are offered.  I am looking forward to the group training as the weather warms up.  In addition to friends and family, it is nice to have a group of people with similar interests to share your adventure with.

John says:

I love ATC because the club is led by an amazing board that dedicates a tremendous amount of time to ensure that members are informed, have an abundance of free seminars to attend, and are supported during their races.  The board has been extremely active this year ensuring that members are fully aware of the many events offered to them as club members.  They have scheduled several free seminars to ensure novice members have chances to meet their TRI goals this year.  The race support with tent, chairs, food, and volunteers is extremely beneficial when racing. 

Missy says:

I had done less than a hand full of small tri's when I decided to jump to the half ironman distance.

Timberman in New Hampshire was the race I chose because a bunch of crabs were doing it and I wanted the support.  I was most nervous about the swim but ended up having a great swim (for me) and moments after I got on my bike one of the photographers snapped my picture and I have this Cheshire Cat grin because I made it through the swim but also because I couldn't believe I was doing something with the word IRONMAN in it!

It took a while but those crabs that went to Timberman convinced me to do a full Ironman. To be honest it never crossed my mind that I could do an Ironman but they were persistent (in a good way) because they all had done a full and had confidence in my ability to pull one off.  And they were right. Once again I chose a race that a bushel of crabs were doing, Wisconson, and began the long process of training. They were with me every step of the way. Training together, giving me tons of advice, and most importantly - calming my nerves the days leading up to it and race day  And when I came across the finish at 11pm, they were all still there to congratulate me! Annapolis Triathlon Club is the best!!

Davy says:

Shortly after I registered for Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2012, I made a decision that has been extremely fulfilling to me….I joined the Annapolis Triathlon Club.  A close friend of mine and fellow Nation’s Triathlon Brand Ambassador lives in DC and is very active in the DC Tri Club.  He always told me how beneficial DC Tri was to him and how he was getting stronger and faster by training with members and more knowledgeable by picking their brains. So, when I registered for IMCdA in 2012, my wife convinced me to join ATC. I thought it couldn’t hurt but was sure I wouldn’t get a lot out of it. I started realizing, though, that training with others forces you to push yourself harder than if you were by yourself. As I started getting more and more involved with the club, I found that I was getting faster and stronger. I was also learning a lot about training and racing. Our members include Kona qualifiers, podium finishers and age group champions. What was even more fulfilling to me, however, was the realization that I had something to offer. I didn’t consider myself a veteran athlete, but I noticed that people in our club asked ME questions and I had answers for them.   Learning and improving yourself does feel good, but being able to help out your fellow members feels even better.

Terese says:

I first joined ATC because I wanted to take a swimming class. It just sounded fun. I had no idea I would learn so much about how making small changes in my technique could make a big difference.  And it wasn't really technical - if you could float, you could do it.I'd like to say my first bike ride with ATC was a cake walk. It wasn't. It was hard! I was pushed. But a few really good riders hung back, encouraging me and giving me tips the whole way. The next time I rode with them, I was better. What better way to learn about triathlon than to hang around with people who've done them? I'm pretty new to triathlon and I've gained quite a lot from hearing about others' experiences. ATC members are willing to share stories about their good races or even that race that went awry. It helps to know that experienced triathletes have had their tough moments, too, and to hear how they dealt with it.

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